OBC Bat House - Extra Large
OBC Bat House - Extra Large
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    OBC Bat House - Extra Large

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    OBC Bat House - Extra Large

    This house holds up to 600 bats!The house is made out of cedar with a one piece plywood back to eliminate heat lose through cracks. The house is fully caulked and screw constructed.Made to The Organization For Bat Conservation Specifications.Insect-eating bats are supremely good at what they do: a single little brown bat can catch and eat 600 mosquitos in an hour. Thus, bats play an important role in regulating insect populations; in those places where bat populations have been severely reduced by human activity, the numbers of fruit flies and other pests have risen dramatically.Measures 24 x 21 .5 x 7.

    Where Do I Put My Bat House and What Types of Bats Can I Expect To Attract ?
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